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PIMS offers fineblanking
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The fine advantage of Fineblanking

Fineblanking is a chip-less metal forming process that combines stamping and extrusion in a single operation. It allows cut-edge quality and produce parts to exact dimensional tolerances with cleanly sheared edges.


While superficially similar to normal stamping or die-cutting, the Fineblanking process surpasses both by its ability to produce accurate parts with edges free from cracks and tearing.

The heart of fineblanking technology - the Tooling

Tooling gives fineblanking its competitive edge - precision edges free of cracks and tearing. PIMS provides a high level of tool technology and creative designs to meeting customer needs for cost-effective, reliable production and accurate parts.

Starting from drawing of the part, our tool designers develop a tool with the optimum perfomance/cost ratio. Whatever the tool solution, our designer make sure that the first objective in every case is the customer satisfaction.

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Formed and fineblanked parts are incorporated in all type of vehicles, in electronic devices, tools and medical equipment.  As versatile the use of the parts, as versatile are the tooling solution of PIMS - single, multi cavity, progressive, or transfer tools.

Need support in fineblanking tool design?

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