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Precision Manufacturing Solution

Design & Engineering
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844 Hall Avenue
Dayton, Ohio, 45404
+1 (513) 464 9450


PIMS, the Design & Engineering,  custom CNC Machine & Grind Shop is driven by the needs of our customers. It is providing versatile and creative solutions to local, national, and international businesses. Our team of experienced Engineers and Machinists have the know how to design your Fixtures and Gauges, and develop a manufacturing process for all types of machining processes.

We are experienced in using many types of materials. Our multi axis CNC machines and precision grinding equipment can complete your job in an efficient time frame and keep the project under budget too. 



Blocks, Punches, Plates or Bushings;  We produce and manufacture any component out of any material according to your specifications. Using our specialized equipment we can hold the tightest tolerances.

Stack of Boxes

Jigs & Fixtures

We design, manufacture and assemble a range of customized jigs and fixtures to enhance your manufacturing process. This includes Nesting & Alignment Jigs and Holding or Assembly Fixtures.



We specialize in design and manufacturing of variable data and attribute gauges to meet your design requirements. 

Our portfolio include Functional gauges, Bench Gauges & Indicator.


Fineblanking Tools 

Our engineering specialize in design of fineblanking tools. We design single compound, multi cavity,  progressive, or transfer tools.

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​“Precision manufacturing is our passion;
Economic success of the customer is our goal”

  • We are driven by our customers. Each employee is responsible to focus on your requirements and do what is necessary to meet or exceed your expectations.


  • Employee - We create a clean, friendly, attractive, motivating environment. We seek to maintain a safe, healthy and harassment-free environment where each person has the opportunity to continuously develop skills, and apply new knowledge.


  • Customer - We promise what we promise. Our customers can rely on the quality of our products and services. We rely on long-term relationships with our customers. Supporting pillars are trust, commitment and performance. We convince by quality, delivery reliability and our advice. The measure of our actions is customer satisfaction.


  • Result- Our Mission is to provide Value, Quality, and Turnaround you need. We guarantee you will save time, money, and effort by partnering with PIMS.

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Our Tooling and Engineering team provides the innovative solutions needed to take a project from concept to finished product. We use SolidWorks and AutoCAD to design our products. By designing complex assemblies in 3D CAD we can prevent costly mistakes, alter easily the design and provide a true representation of the final product to our customers. Our customers approve the final design before manufacturing.

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844 Hall Ave, Dayton, OH 45404, USA

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